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Holzart XV

International Sculpture Festival, Kronach, Germany - July 2023.


Detail of finished scullpture


Local Media coverage


Attaching the Clay component

Alchemic Transformation

Wood and Clay 10ft high by 8 ft circunference


Inspired by Lucas Cranach the elder's approach to reformism and religious art, the Intention of this mixed media sculpture (linden wood and clay) project as part of the 25th anniversary of Holzart in Kronack, Germany is to secularize the 19th century Hispano-American's art of "rustic retablo religioso", once available in outdoor churches of indigenous people in America. The ideal retablo becomes public, accessible in a public space for us to see, claiming the sovereignty of all those countries like Puerto Rico overly colonized for centuries. A traditional art once in churches now is out claiming the space once denied. This time a young Martin Luther, in his Augustine habit, …..Cranach’s friend and inspiration, comes to life, as an iconic figure to remind us of  reformation and transformation of the spirit.

Luther carries his books, a mountain of knowledge, and in his pitcher (an empty vessel) as a symbol of the foundations of change.

He is no longer a reformist but rather an authentic ideal of reformative thoughts.


This mixed media sculpture is an invitation to discover the spirits that are in the old “standing people”, to connect to our own wondrous spirit,  to discover the tree within to reflect about the necessary transformations required to manifest a life of virtue and plenty to all.

This is a humble contemporary approach to what was once commissioned by the kingdoms of power.

It is an expression of the Hispanic American identity in European lands. As ideologies were changing in Europe, old habits and dogmas were imposed in America.

The taking off the mask and simply looking into the core of the tree itself represents the root of all of us intertwined with one another, and an opportunity to become the best self we can be!

We are, at the end: the SAME!


July 2023

Holzart 25th Anniversary

Kronach, Germany

This project was possible thanks to the following sponsors:


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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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