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In-tent Collective

The interdisciplinary collective was formed by artists Alejandro Romero and artist Genevieve Russell in 2015 for the exhibition Fragmentos. The intention of the collective is multidisciplinary combining, visual arts, art installations, dance, fiber arts, costume design and other innovative art practices. With an emphasis in social justice and activism we promote artistic collaborations from other artistic disciplines to be part of the collective as a temporary basis for each project. To this date and after four projects we have been under the radar as the importance of the work is not the artist but rather the process and interaction with community, the viewers and participants.  The residency of the collective is  based in a rural setting in  Battle River Saskatchewan. 

artists, collaborators and contributors​

Alejandro is a professionally  trained artist with experience in studio art, installations and performance.


Genevieve .

Genevieve Russell

Don has been a teacher of Dance, Drama, Math, Sciences and English plus health care in many areas with 45 years of experience in Reiki, Tarot, and Numerology. Singing, drama and public speaking have been at the forefront of his careers from teaching to school psychologist, psychotherapist, and respiratory therapist. Now retired he looks for opportunities to volunteer his time helping people with special health or learning issues. This particular art project leads itself to him using many of his skills to collaborate and contribute in a unique performance that combines rituals, healing and art.

Don Church




Eric Shearer

Angela is a metis artist. An avid beader and educator.

Angela Daigenault


Kevin Paranica


April Sora


Hrolfur Kristinsson  

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